Instrumentals for SALE

Here are the instrumentals for SALE.
Mainly all the instrumental tracks are of the songs released by AP Records.
There will be a sample audio for every track that you can be able to stream before buying.
Press the track name to listen and buy.

♪ Magey Mi Jaanaa (Instrumental)

♪ Vaathee Makaireegaa (Remake – Instrumental)

♪ Dhoonyaa (Instrumental)

♪ Netheehe Dhen (Instrumental)

♪ Hithugaavaa Thiyaee (Instrumental)

♪ Thiya Ishquhey (Instrumental)

♪ BoduNuvaa LhaKujjaa (Instrumental)

♪ Meri Midheloa (Instrumental)

♪ Heevey Kalaa (Instrumental)